Optimum Performance Monitoring™

WEIDMANN Optimum Performance Monitoring ™ (OPM) software is designed to meet the emerging situational intelligence needs of the Smart Grid. It provides the near-real-time capability to dynamically load large power and distribution sub-station transfomers and monitor the loading impacts in real-time resulting in improved reliability while minimizing risk.

Transformer Condition Monitoring

InsuLogix® monitors can be used as stand-alone devices or part of an integrated monitoring system using the InsuLogix® Vault as the central integrator. Alone or in combination, the InsuLogix® line of monitors are providing actionable information about transformer operating condition.

InsuLogix® B Bushing Monitor

InsuLogix® H/M Hydrogen/Moisture Monitor

InsuLogix® T Fiber Optic Temperature Monitor

InsuLogix® Vault Transformer Monitor

SmartInsulation™ is a combination of unique sensors embedded in the coil and structural insulation that in combination with hardware and software allows for the Optimum Performance Monitoring™ of large power and substation transformers.

The number and location of SmartInsulation™ sensors are determined by the size and design of the transformer windings.


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The WEIDMANN InsuLogix® brand of transformer monitoring products consists of unique sensors, monitors and software that provide cost-effective integrated solutions for delivering actionable information to the owner/operator of large power, transmission and distribution sub-station transformers.  Whether the transformer operator is looking for a low cost early warning gas monitor or a complete integrated monitoring solution that monitors all the key failure modes. WEIDMANN's century of experience and technical expertise in transformer insulation and diagnostics makes it uniquely qualified to design, manufacture and deliver solutions to lower risk and increase reliability.  Our approach is simple - provide cost-effective technically advanced solutions that are easy to operate and maintain, have a low total cost of ownership, and deliver actionable information in a manner that is convenient, easty to understand, and assists in critical decision making. 

Competency Statement

WEIDMANN has maintained its market leadership for over 100 years in the design and manufacture of insulation for the manufacture of electrical transformers by focusing on innovation, quality and service.  Our core competencey is the design and production of custom solutions for cellulose based insulation systems and high-temperature applications.  All WEIDMANN facilities are ISO accredited and produce products to the highest quality standards in the industry.

InsuLogix® Vault
Transformer Monitor/Sensor Integrator


The InsuLogix® VAULT is an advanced transformer control and monitoring integrator designed to meet the evolving demands of power transformer operators.


InsuLogix® T 
Fiber Optic Temperature Monitor

T Thermal Management Solutions

InsuLogix® T offers reliable and proven hot spot winding temperature monitoring at a cost effective price.


InsuLogix® B
Bushing Monitor

B Bushing Monitor

The InsuLogix® B monitors relative Power Factor/Tan δ from the bushing C1 Test Tap using algorithms that simulate the Schering Bridge technique, a standard industry method of offline testing.


Fiber Optic
Temperature SmartSpacer™

SmartSpacer Thermal Management System

The only CERTIFIED product of this type in industry, made and tested by the global leader in insulation design and manufacturing.


Hydrogen/Moisture Monitor

hydrogen monitor


The InsuLogix® H Hydrogen Monitor incorporates chip-based patented technology using palladium nickel alloy to measure Hydrogen dissolved in transformer oil.


Transformer Loading Software

Optimum Performance Monitoring™ Software

The eNamePlate™ software enables the Load Planner or Asset Manager to simulate and verify transformer loading performance over a broad range of operating parameters.


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